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Ames Brothers Pyramid – Buford, Wyoming


Ames Brothers Pyramid - Buford, Wyoming What you don't expect to see in Wyoming is a giant pyramid standing in the middle of nowhere but here is a 60 ft high and 60 ft wide creation.  Why is it there?  Well, it's because of the intercontinental … [Read more...]

Cowgirls of the West Museum – Cheyenne, Wyoming

cowgirls gift shop

Cowgirls of the West Museum & Gift Shop- Cheyenne, Wyoming. Founded in 2002 is one of the only museums in America that is fully dedicated to the history of western women. Cowgirls of the West & Gift Shop, Cheyenne, Wyoming is a non-profit museum … [Read more...]

Wyoming Vacation

Wyoming is a state that has much to offer the vacationing family.  In the winter, the state is draped with a beautiful white blanket of snow.  In the spring, natural wild fauna and wildflowers create an artists dream world across the praires … [Read more...]